Zing Coach™ guides and motivates each user through self-awareness and self-management techniques, helping achieve lasting results.

Our methodology doesn't simply focus on broad objectives such as losing weight or gaining muscle but rather guides our users to meet their personal goals and needs in a more holistic way.

With a more comprehensive approach, Zing facilitates improvements in overall fitness, well-being, vitality, energy, health, and performance.


Zing's™ methodology is completely personalized virtual coaching built on the most advanced AI technology and expertise of world-class fitness & wellness specialists.

A behavior-changing approach that drives your desire to exercise daily.

Our mission is simple: We believe in the potential of a person to enjoy an active and energetic life if they add enjoyable movement to their routine.

What we believe is our mission

Shi Xing Mi (Walter Gjergja)

is a Shaolin Temple secular monk and the principal architect of Zing Fitness™ methodology.

Walter is a leading Shaolin Master, trainer, advisor, speaker, and writer, with more than 30 years of fitness and wellness experience.
Our top fitness, psychology, behavior, and wellness specialists have drawn from eastern and western academic and professional experiences, plus ancient holistic practices and the latest scientific advances, all to create Zing.

The core idea of our methodology is rooted in the legendary Shaolin philosophy, the ancient wisdom of wellness and training, which is more relevant today than ever before.

The philosophy is based on three essential elements of the "human ecosystem" — body, mind, and spirit — aiming at maximizing the wellness, performance, effectiveness, and serenity of people.

The origin of our methodology

What are the core values of Zing's methodology?

Deep health metrics analysis: performance, energy score, metabolic rate
Science of micro-learning and behavioral modification techniques
Hyper-personalized training program
Emphasis on immediate benefits: pre- and
post-workout feedback
Focus on building physical & mental resilience through enhancing the elements of human ecosystem: body, mind,
and spirit
Emotional chatbot support & guidance

Fitness doesn't have a finish line

Zing knows that life isn't a race so your fitness journey isn't one either - movement is an integral part of daily life.

Zing™ helps you seamlessly integrate exercise into your routine with ease.
The Zing Fitness™ methodology will benefit everyone, whether you're a novice or an advanced fitness enthusiast or athlete.

Everyone can stay fit and healthy with Zing™ without even stepping outside their homes. (But you're also able to train with Zing™ outdoors or in a gym if you prefer to do so.)

Is Zing Coach™ for me?

Zing™ creators and advisors know that short-term challenges and exhausting workouts fail to bring long-term, sustainable results and can cause injuries and disappointment.

They can also feel like a punishment or a chore. Thanks to decades of experience, Zing's™ experts know what drives and nourishes our motivation to exercise.

Our methodology is created to bring users satisfaction, joy, and a feeling of daily accomplishment, inspiring them to keep going.
We all know the pain of trying and failing. You might have already and trusted a number of fitness apps, weight loss programs, or even personal trainers at the gym.

The Zing Fitness™ methodology is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It's unique in its personalization, where each
user's goals are carefully considered to deliver the most effective workout programs.

Why should you trust our methodology?

Build fitness habits that last forever