How Zing Coach™ Works

1. What does a typical workout look like?
Since every person is different, each workout is tailored to meet user's needs, goals, feelings, availability of equipment, and time. Still, there are features that are present in all our workouts:

  • A simple warm-up (light cardio and stretching) at the beginning and a cool-down (flexibility and mobility exercises) at the end, with the main fitness part in the middle.
  • The length ranges from 10 to 60 minutes, depending on how much time you have. If you're eager to move more, you'll be offered post-workout exercises, specific skills training, and recovery exercises. There is also an educational content library where you can learn more about wellness and mindfulness.
  • Every program is designed with careful progression (new challenges over time: more reps, heavier weights, longer distances, more variations).
2. What if I have pain during the workout?
Though your workout program is 100% safe, you should always consult a medical professional before you start any exercise program. The Zing™ AI fitness coach considers your body's uniqueness and offers exercises that will help you optimize your performance without pushing you over your body's current limits. Each exercise is accompanied by precise instructions to help you move safely and efficiently.

One of the key components of the Zing™ AI methodology is mind and body integration along with self-reflection. We teach users to listen to their bodies, which means that if they have pain or excessive discomfort while exercising, users are advised to stop, relax, and are offered an alternative exercise or a recovery workout.

If you feel pain or discomfort, you can pause your workout and tell Zing Coach about your problem. The program will be immediately adjusted and you'll be offered a recovery exercise or a set of exercises that'll help you relieve the pain.
3. How much time per a day do I need to exercise?
The core mission of Zing is to inspire you to move daily. Thus, workout times range from 10 to 60 minutes to give you the flexibility to squeeze in a couple of exercises at work or in shorter periods of free time during your busy life.

If you want to challenge yourself further, your Zing™ AI coach will gladly provide you with more and more difficult programs and skills: There's no limit to how easy or difficult your training can be because Zing is constantly working to identify what's best for you and your current lifestyle, today and every day.
4. Do I need special equipment?
There's no equipment required, as many exercises can be done using your body's own weight. However, if you have access to equipment, your Coach, depending on your objectives and current condition, can add the use of dumbbells, resistance bands, and massage rollers. You'll also get access to more exercises if you have certain fitness equipment.

Adjust what equipment you have at any time in your Journey tab by tapping Settings (gear icon on top left of the screen) and scrolling down to Equipment.
5. If I'm an advanced athlete, will I still benefit from Zing workouts?
Yes! Zing's program targets all fitness levels. You'll be offered more challenges, intensity, conditioning, strength, reps and distances, mobility, and many other variations to keep you progressing towards absolute peak condition.

Zing can help you reach your general fitness and wellness goals as well as specific objectives such as increasing endurance, muscle mass, and strength.
6. What if I get bored exercising every day?
To prevent boredom, we alter physical activities, letting users try various workout combinations and choose the ones they most enjoy. We offer bodyweight exercises, workouts with equipment, various forms of mobility training, skills derived from martial arts and yoga, recovery exercises, and much more! All are combined, depending on what equipment you have available, to provide variability and promote an ongoing desire to train and perform.
7. What aspects of fitness does Zing's fitness program develop?
Depending on your chosen goal on onboarding (which you can change in Settings), the Zing AI coach will design a program for you, which will work on some or all of the following:

  • Flexibility
  • Mobility
  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Agility
  • Conditioning
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Special skills such as headstands, handstands, etc.
8. Will I become more productive and energetic?
Yes! A variety of studies have proven that people who follow a regular exercise program report improved vitality compared to groups that don't exercise.

Being tired is actually the perfect reason to start exercising as fitness is an amazing source of energy and productivity. When you exercise, you're increasing blood flow to your brain, which sharpens your awareness and mental clarity. Exercise stimulates brain plasticity by boosting the growth of new neuron connections in the brain, improving your cognitive skills and your mood.

When exercising for energy, you should aim to exercise in your low to moderate heart rate zone. This will prevent body depletion and help you avoid feeling fatigued.

We live in a society where people are always looking for a quick solution to fight fatigue: coffee, sports drinks, energy bars, and other fast fixes that'll give them the extra energy to get through the day. But the best approach to overcome fatigue is actually get up and move, whether it's running, walking, strength training, or doing any kind of physical activity.
9. Can I set up workout reminders?
Absolutely! Zing knows that you've got a lot on your plate, so setting reminders to work out are a very effective way to keep you on track.
10. How can I set up reminders?
If you haven't set up reminders in the onboarding process, you can enable them in the 'My Journey' tab by tapping the Settings (gear icon) at the top left of your screen. Scroll down to 'Workout reminders' and toggle them on. Depending on the permissions you have on your phone, you might need to go into your general Settings app and allow Zing to have permission to send reminder notifications.
11. How do I view my workout stats and session history?
To view your workout stats, go to 'My Journey' - there you should see your health dashboard located in the middle of the screen. To see your workout stats from previous workouts, tap 'Recent workouts' at the top of the screen.
12. How can I change the length of my workouts?
You can manage the duration of your workouts in Settings (gear icon) in the 'My Journey' tab. Just switch the time under 'I'm active a minimum of... min' to what suits you best.
13. How often should I workout?
Zing recommends working out every day for at least 20 minutes. This recommendation is backed up by scientific research and CDC guidelines which state that 20 minutes per day is enough to keep you toned and energized, maintain muscle and bone density, and prevent the onset of various chronic diseases.
14. Can I work out twice a day?
You certainly can! However, for your second workout, you'll be given a lighter variation to make sure your body fully recovers for the next day.
15. Can I work out while I am sick?
To answer this, a good idea is to follow the "neck rule," which essentially separates the body into two sections: above and below the neck.

If your symptoms are above the neck, including a sore throat, nasal congestion, sneezing, and tearing eyes, then breaking a sweat is generally considered safe. Anything below the neck, however — coughing, body aches, fatigue, chills (from a fever) — require you to take a few rest days and give your body a chance to concentrate on healing.

We encourage you to complete the check-in before each of your workouts to make sure no pain or discomfort is overlooked.
16. Can I work out during my period?
There's no medical reason that you should skip workouts during your period. In fact, there's evidence that exercise can be helpful during this time. It's best to complete the check-in before each of your workouts to make sure no pain or discomfort goes unnoticed. If you mention your period, Zing coach will ask you to evaluate your level of pain and fatigue, and will adjust the workout accordingly.
17. Can I change my workout intensity?
Yes, you can. After each workout session, Zing collects your feedback. If you say that your workout was too easy or too hard, you'll be able to increase or decrease the intensity of your upcoming workouts. In addition, the coach tracks the number of workouts you've completed and the results of your fitness assessments (benchmarks), which is why your workout intensity changes over time.
18. What if I don't complete my daily check-in?
Daily check-ins aren't mandatory, but highly recommended. Self-monitoring allows you to estimate your energy level, as well as reflect on the state you are in emotionally and physically before entering a workout.

Another way to look at it is that check-ins are an easy and quick way to help you get all of your systems in sync with the goals you have. Plus, it lets your coach know how you're doing.
19. What if I don't feel motivated to work out?
Don't worry about that! Zing Coach will supply you with motivational boosters when and if you need them. However, as helpful as motivation is at the start, it's fleeting and therefore not reliable in the long-term. For this reason, Zing will teach you to develop discipline, which is the key to achieving your goals.

Another piece of feeling unmotivated is that you might not associate exercise to something you enjoy doing. Zing wants to transform your feeling that exercise is something to dread or a chore into something that is a gift to yourself and you enjoy doing. Discipline coupled with enjoyment is how to become consistent in working out.
20. What if I skip a workout (or more)?
Skipping is totally fine, but not ideal. Each time you don't do a workout, the Zing coach will ask you for the reason. After that, Zing either encourages you to find a way to squeeze in your workout or suggests an alternative way to benefit your health on the days you simply cannot manage a workout.

Zing also regularly reminds you about your goals and tells you how many workouts you've skipped. Having someone who cares as much as you do about your results is tremendously helpful for maintaining consistency and not listening to the excuses our minds come up with.

Overview of Zing™ content
1. What are the different types of content I'll find in Zing?
Zing offers numerous types of content aimed to provide you with science-backed wisdom to optimize your workout and self-care routine, infuse healthy lifestyle changes and make them life-long. You'll have access to visual meditations, empowering daily affirmations, pre- and post-workout mantras, as well as tips on maintaining energy, mood, and health metrics to perform your best. On top of that, it provides you with a range of fitness challenges and skill-based fitness programs.

Below is an overview of the different types of content:

Visual meditations are 1-minute calming videos designed to relieve stress and improve productivity. These videos are accompanied by music and reassuring, encouraging messages that allow you to move from any negative thoughts to becoming calm and mindful in the moment.
The upside: Numerous studies confirmed that meditating can help both your mind and body be healthier. For your well-being, it can decrease stress and anxiety levels. As a result of more calm and ease, you can experience less inflammation in your body, reduced blood pressure, improved attention, better sleep quality, and help you make smarter food and exercise choices.

Daily affirmations will help you harness positive thinking and encourage a life filled with gratitude. They can also help with staying motivated. It's crucial to train not only your body by building strength and muscles but also your mind by cultivating a positive attitude.
The upside: Affirmations help to reprogram your thinking patterns, allowing you to perform better, work more productively, and boost your self-esteem and confidence. They also help mitigate the effects of stress and anxiety while enhancing motivation and inspiration.
"Where the mind goes the body will follow" - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Pre- and Post-workout mantras appear right before you dive into the workout and after you get it done. Pre-workout mantras are designed to help you get into the state of mind where your mental attitude is an asset and ally in your workout. Post workout mantras let you anchor working out as a positive behavior pattern and help manifest the changes you desire in your life.
The upside: Their effect is cumulative: The more you continue with them, the more you'll find any negativity will start to naturally slide away when it comes to your relationship with exercise.

Challenges remind you that you're stronger and more capable than you give yourself credit for. Each challenge ranges in length but during that time, you'll be encouraged to practice one of the fitness skills such as endurance, strength, balance, or flexibility. Once you've taken on the challenge, you'll have to accomplish your daily task no matter what, practicing your commitment and the ability to follow through.
The upside: Challenges develop self-discipline and motivate you to stay accountable. They are blasting off your energy and self-esteem.
“You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice" ― Bob Marley

Skills are collections of structured workouts aimed at mastering one fitness skill. You'll have a chance to sharpen your already-acquired skills and develop new ones. Have you ever dreamed about doing a headstand for example? With Zing's skill-building workouts, you'll have an opportunity to incrementally develop whatever physical prowess you'd like.
The upside: Learning or building upon skills is good for your mind and body. It can also give you additional motivation to work towards a goal and achieve it. You'll be amazed at what your body can do!

Coach tips are advice related to your wellness. Coaching doesn't end the moment you end your workout. Zing provides tons of useful and insightful information to help you better understand your body and feel your best.
The upside: Getting curated tips for feeling and performing your best sets up a positive feedback loop to have you continue to workout and enjoy it.

Self-discovery quizzes are aimed at determining your healthy and unhealthy behavior patterns, optimal workout schedule, true motivation behind your fitness goals, your desire to start working out and most importantly, keep it life-long.
The upside: Self-knowledge means knowing what works for you, what's good, and what's bad.
"Don't get confused between what people say you are and who you know you are" - Oprah Winfrey

Learn about Zing™
1. What is 'daily check-in'?
A check-in is a simple yet powerful tool that allows you to align with your goals, body sensations, energy level, and mood before jumping into a workout. Zingers have found that regular check-ins can help them get through their ups and downs without quitting their goals.
2. What is 'My Journey'?
My Journey is a part of the app (bottom right tab) where you can track your workout stats and health parameters, take on new challenges, and view Zing's skills library.
3. What is 'Ask Zing'? Who answers the questions via Ask Zing?
'Ask Zing' is an option which allows you to ask us direct questions. It serves as a communication channel between Zingers and our fitness specialists and coaches, allowing us to become familiar with your needs and concerns, addressing them one by one. You can ask literally anything related to fitness and health, and Zing will get back to you shortly.
4. What is 'Chat'?
Chat is an option to talk to Zing coach. The Coach will guide you on your fitness journey and give you everything you need, be it workout instructions, reminder, motivational boost, progress overview and far beyond. Zing coach is powered by AI, therefore accessible 24/7, you need not worry about it being the right time to work out or talk.

My Profile and Workout Statistics
1. How do I know which goal to choose?
Choosing your fitness goal affects the workout program you get as well as the types of supportive, motivational and insightful content you will be receiving from the coach on your fitness journey. Below, we'll go over each goal in more detail.

  1. If your primary goal is to lose fat, then lose weight is your goal. Choosing this as your priority will mean that your workout program will include mainly full-body workouts with a mix of upper, lower body, and core movements, all framed with reasonable amount of cardio to set off and facilitate calorie burn. You'll be receiving content that encourages your all-around health with a greater focus on accelerating weight loss in terms of habits, behavior patterns, and mindset shifts.
  2. Be fitter is the right goal for you if you are overall happy with your weight but would like to improve your muscle definition and decrease body fat. Your coach will encourage you to complete fitness assessments regularly as well as take body measurements to track the progress you're making. The content you see will be targeting at training smarter and keeping up your motivation.
  3. If your primary goal is to build up strength, be stronger is the best choice for you. Your workout plan will be well-balanced, making sure you acquire strength equally across your body, plus you'll be encouraged to add weights. The content will be targeted towards building a strong mind and body, solidifying the belief that all the power you wish to acquire is already there and just waiting for you to make proper use of it.
  4. Stay healthy is the most suitable choice for people who want to prolong the proper functioning of all body systems, mitigate the consequences of an injury, and live joyfully not knowing the challenges that can arise from lack of movement. This plan is an all-around exercise program that includes cardio, stretching, and low-intensity strength training. The content is enriched with tips on self-care.
2. How do I change my fitness goal?
You can always change your goal in Settings (in the Journey tab). Tap 'Change my goal' and choose the goal that is most relevant to you. Zing will then adjust your weekly plan.
3. How do I know if I'm making progress?
There are 2 main methods to measure your progress: direct and indirect.

Direct refers to monitoring the changes relevant to your goal in real life. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, a direct measure of success would be decrease in your weight, or if you're making progress in gaining muscle, you would be able to see more defined and toned muscles when you look in the mirror. However, real-life monitoring might get tricky when you don't exactly know what you're measuring.

That's when an indirect method comes into play. When you apply an indirect method, you look at Zing metrics such as energy score or physical performance index, which provide you with overview of your mobility, flexibility, energy levels, heart rate, and how it compares to your previous sessions.
4. What are Zing Health Metrics? How are they calculated?
  1. Energy score is a relative representation of your current energy level. It varies throughout a day based upon certain activities you may partake in such as a workout session and various mediations. It also changes in response to answers about your body feelings and mood check-ins.
  2. Physical performance index formula takes all of your major Apple Health metrics (VO2, HRV, RHR, HR, as well as gender and age) into account in order to calculate one unified indicator of your physical health and fitness.
  3. Metabolic rate reflects the number of calories your body burns while at rest. With your Apple Health information, Zing determines how many calories you should burn each day to lose, gain, or maintain your current weight
5. Why do I need to track Health Metrics?
We don't need to tell you that your body is a complex system. The good news is that Zing makes tracking your health metrics simple. To get insights about you and your performance, Zing uses machine learning to determine the things that influence how you feel.

Zing holds you accountable for your physical activity, with added health features such as sleep tracking, heart-rate monitoring, and more. If available, your tracking wearables share that fitness tracking data with Zing to give you a broader look at your overall fitness.

If you're a fitness enthusiast, you're always looking for ways to train harder and smarter, run faster and push your body beyond its limits. You can track health metrics — heart rate, calories burned, steps walked, etc. — but to boost your performance and metabolism without throwing you out of the safe training zone, you need a combination of personal coach with advanced analytical algorithms to monitor and optimize your training in real-time.

Zing keeps tabs on your:

Avg. HR (average heart rate) is the basic...

Avg. RHR (average resting heart rate) is important because it's a rough measure of your nervous system activity, hormone levels, and cardiovascular fitness. There's research that shows lower RHR levels correlate to longer life.

Avg. HRV (average heart rate variability) is a representation of your central nervous system. It can be a very accurate measure of what state your body is in. The trend is more important than the absolute number. If much lower than usual, then take it easy like going for a walk rather than a run. If high, then go out and conquer the world.

VO2 Max provides you with important insights about your cardiovascular health, such as how long you can sustain a certain intensity of exercise like running or HIIT. Specifically, it tells you how quickly your body can process oxygen. The more oxygen per second, the more you can feed your muscles, so the faster and harder you can go.

Zing Coach™: Philosophy and Research
1. What is Zing™ methodology?
Zing's unique fitness methodology is built on behavior change studies, motivational psychology, fitness, and well-being techniques. The goal is to adjust behaviors by changing people's fitness identity and attitude toward exercise. We make users look inside to their identity, desires, and needs before they try to change their outward appearance.

An integral part of Zing's methodology is the idea on micro-learning, which is small steps that help to reach long-term goals and keep sustainable results. The goal of the program is to inspire people to move daily (10-60 min per day) and incorporate an 'everything counts mentality'. All physical activity, whether it's cleaning, going on a walk, playing at the playground, or doing an official 'workout' counts.

A core part of Zing's fitness methodology is based on the trustful and meaningful relationship between a user and their AI Fitness coach. With customized plans unique to each user, Zing's coaches help users reach their full fitness and wellness potential.

Zing Fitness AI favors constantly varied functional fitness and stretching, mixed with mindful and recovery exercises. Every user is different and requires a personalized workout program to be able to reach long-term goals. With highly personalized training programs, Zing's AI algorithm thoroughly analyzes a person's profile and picks the most relevant workouts to recommend. Built in is also an incremental workout progression with more challenges over time - reps, weights, miles, and variations.

Zing™ AI Fitness Coach
1. Who is my AI Fitness Coach?
Zing is an AI-driven virtual assistant designed to provide you with hundreds of unique exercises and health-related tips, as well as support and motivation. It was created by international experts in fitness and nutrition to help you on your journey towards your fitness goals.
2. Is Zing's AI Fitness Coach a real person?
No, Zing is not a real person. With the collective knowledge and wisdom of top experts in health and fitness, our AI coach's wellness knowledge is unparalleled.
3. Is my coach a man or a woman?
Zing doesn't have a gender. Zing AI Coach's persona is strictly up to your imagination, and can be whatever you want.
4. Does my fitness coach know about my fitness goals?
Yes! Not only does Zing know your fitness goals, but it also builds you comprehensive weekly workout plans so that you can achieve them.

1. How do I connect Zing to my Apple Health app?
Zing will try connecting to Apple Health during your onboarding. When prompted for permissions, make sure to hit 'Allow all' to share your iHealth data with Zing so you can get advanced health metrics. However, if you missed it or accidentally selected 'Don't allow' you can change it to 'connect Apple Health' in your iPhone settings.

To enable Apple Health integration: Go to the Settings app on your iPhone and select Privacy > Health > Zing and then select Turn All Categories On.

After the first sync, Zing will automatically sync in the background throughout the day.
2. How do I connect Zing to my Apple Watch?
  1. Zing Coach will try connecting to your Apple Watch after your first workout session. When prompted for permissions, make sure to 'Allow all' to share your wearable data with Zing so you can get advanced health metrics. However, if you missed it or accidentally selected 'Don't allow', you can change it in your iPhone settings.
  2. Open the Watch app on your iPhone, then tap the My Watch tab.
  3. Scroll through the list of apps. If you have already granted Zing access to Apple Watch, then you'll see Zing in the Installed list in the Apple Watch section. If you haven't allowed access yet, Zing will appear in the Available Apps section.

1. Where can I check my subscription status?
You can access your subscription information through your main iPhone Settings app. Tap your name, Subscriptions, then scroll to find Zing. Tap on Zing and you can adjust your subscription there.
2. How can I cancel my subscription?
To cancel iOS (App Store) trials and subscriptions
  1. Go to 'Settings' on your phone (not within the Zing app)
  2. Select your name
  3. Select Subscriptions
  4. Select Zing and scroll to the bottom of the page
  5. Tap 'Cancel Zing subscription'
To cancel Android (Google Play Store) subscriptions
  1. Open the app
  2. Tap on the 'Settings' icon (⚙)
  3. Tap on 'Subscription'
  4. Tap on 'Cancel Zing subscription'