We democratize
personal fitness coaching
Zing Coach™ is an interactive mobile app that makes is possible for everyone to benefit from truly customized workout programs, individual trainer guidance and immediate coach feedback, to reach real results and enjoy fitness tailored to You!

Get uniquely immersive AI-enabled personal training experience.

What is your challenge?

Zing Coach™ opens the door to premium personalized fitness experience to EVERYBODY

No access to the gym & boutique studios
One-size-fits-all fitness solutions
Lack of training flexibility & tight schedule
PT approach doesn't match your values & goals
Workouts with a PT cost a fortune
At your home, in the gym, in the park, or in a hotel room
Real, enjoyable and sustainable results
Your ideal personal coach takes you on a journey towards:
Tailored by you and to you
Powered by leading fitness and wellness experts

Get a digital version of the most
qualified PT on your screen

What do you get with Zing™?

time & equipment availability
energy level
feedback from each exercise
Zing Coach™ is about human experience, but enhanced with AI technology. Zing™ harnesses the power of AI to design totally personalized workouts dedicated to your needs, goals, gender, age, lifestyle, interests, current condition and emotional wellbeing.

Every fitness program is adjusted in real-time based on your:

Hyper-personalized program

Select an instructor based on your preferred workout activity, trainer motivational style and personal characteristics, who will support you with everything a top personal trainer would do:

A tailored choice of AI instructors

Form and technique adjustments
Real-touch support & guidance
Optimal motivation

Unique fitness methodology

The methodology is based on the latest fitness science as well as ancient wellness wisdom. It is crafted by world-renowned fitness and wellness experts, supported by leading psychologists and behavioral scientists.

Behavior changing techniques

Zing Coach™ is based on the theory of 'micro-learning' - it's all about little but consistent efforts. Small regular steps lead to sustainable big results.

Zing Coach™ algorithms will understand and define what type of motivation
you need to adjust:
conversation style
daily motivational tasks
tips & recommendations

Performance monitoring & Predictions

Your body is a complex system. Zing Coach™ makes tracking it simple by keeping tabs on your:
Energy score — a relative representation of your current energy level.
Physical performance — an indicator of your physical health and fitness.
Metabolic rate — determines how many calories you should burn each day to reach your goal.

Get access to premium
hyper-personalized fitness experience

Zing Coach™ is built on a methodology you can trust

Dynamic functional fitness, power training, stretching and recovery practices, as well as mindful exercises, are all smoothly integrated with motivational AI coach support.

Personalized, flexible and sustainable fitness program tailored to You, so that you'll never quit.

Optimize your performance with Zing Coach™